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Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons allow you to get the most out of your time spent learning. You (or you and a partner) will work with one of our nationally recognized dance instructors, in a relaxed and private atmosphere at your own pace on your First Dance or any number of dances you've chosen to learn.

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Most people are a little nervous about the first lesson. Not to worry. Our lessons are pain-free and as easy as walking, with plenty of fun. After the initial lesson, most people (yes, even the most reluctant fellas) look forward to their lessons and find them a welcome pause from the hectic pace of life.

You can learn as many or as few dances as you would like. Together we will come up with a plan that is right for you. Whether you are getting ready for a specific event or want to be able to dance all dances, Vow to Dance can help you achieve your dancing goals.

Most wedding couples don't want to look too fancy, just comfortable, having fun and enjoying the moment. We can help you remove the worry and enable you to make your First Dance as beautiful as you always imagined.

Plan to start lessons two to three months before The Date. How many lessons you will need depends on how quickly you learn and how much time you practice. The majority of couples do great with four to six lessons.

If you are especially nervous, want to work up special choreography to entertain your guests or would like to learn more than just one dance, you might consider the 12 lesson package.

If you forgot about dance lessons until the last minute or are in a time crunch, taking even one lesson can help you become more comfortable and enjoy your first dance.

Most couples learn a Fox Trot or Rumba, which goes nicely with the Jazz Standards (think Sinatra or Michael Buble). If you want to spice it up with Salsa, Swing or any other dance, no problem! We will work together to come up with what is best for you.


Private dance lessons are $85 per lesson per couple. If you purchase 4 private lessons, the cost is $75 per hour per couple. If you purchase 7 private lessons, the cost is $70 per hour per couple. Purchase 12 private lessons and the cost is only $65 lesson!

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How to Schedule Your Lessons

Private lessons are available at your convenience: daytimes, evenings and weekends. After you've registered for your lessons, please call 214-228-4454 to schedule. 

Private Group Dance Lessons

Do you have your own group? We offer group dance lessons for private groups of friends, wedding parties, etc. A variety of options are available to suit your particular needs. Call 214-228-4454 or email Info@VowToDance.com to discuss your options.

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